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Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki@GuyKawasaki
Joined 15 years ago

Chief evangelist @Canva 🎧 Host Remarkable People podcast remarkablepeople.com Text me @ 1-831-609-0628

Fred Wilson
Fred Wilson@fredwilson
Joined 16 years ago

I am a VC

My NFT collection is here nft.coinbase.com/@fredwilson

And in 3D here oncyber.io/fredwilsonpavi…

Joined 16 years ago

Father. Husband. VC. Geek. Dad Joke Lover. INTJ. Partner @FirstRound . Board Chairman @PhillyInquirer

Joined 14 years ago

Partner at @LightspeedVP .
Investor in @Snap , @Giphy , @Affirm , @Blockchain , @Honest , @Cheddar , @Rothys ++
Overcompensating for a geeky youth

Joined 15 years ago

a little geeky. a little funny. a lot opinionated. saving the world one tech investment at a time.

co-author with @editoremacb of @newbuildersbook

Jeff Bussgang
Jeff Bussgang@bussgang
Joined 14 years ago

Former entrepreneur turned VC @Flybridge , teach @HarvardHBS , author of Entering StartUpLand & Mastering the VC Game. Civic innovator @Hack_Diversity , @GlobalEIR

Joined 16 years ago

Founder of Uncork Capital, one of the OG micro-VC firms. Invested in 250 cos at scary early stage. @bernadette hubby, dad of 2, wino, skier. Expect no bullshit.

Paul Kedrosky
Paul Kedrosky@pkedrosky
Joined 16 years ago

Ancient amateur & meh athlete. Partner at skvcap.com . Proprietor of @highwaydebris & @sourceseh ; @calfirebot 's uncle. Also: @pkedrosky@sportsmedtwtr.net.

Jason Caplain
Jason Caplain@jcaplain
Joined 14 years ago

VC investor @bcvp . Former @redhat

Ryan McIntyre
Ryan McIntyre@ryan_mcintyre
Joined 15 years ago

Partner @FoundryVC , musician, dad, husband, dog lover, Boulderite, Kiwi-wannabe.

Joined 16 years ago

Early-stage investor and diversity advocate. Supporter of @500Startups , @BullpenCap , @LINESBallet , @StartX , @Troop61691 , and @Calista .

Joined 16 years ago

'Seeing ourselves clearly is the project of a lifetime.' -The Nix 🌳 Investing in the things that make life worth living @SperoVentures 🌳 andrewparker.eth

Joined 15 years ago

proud board alum @twitter , @tumblr , @trello & @stackoverflow // cofounder @sparkcapital // (retweets & likes ≠ endorsements)

mark peter davis
mark peter davis@markpeterdavis
Joined 11 years ago

I've moved to @mpd

Michael Eisenberg
Michael Eisenberg@mikeeisenberg
Joined 14 years ago

Grandfather, father, VC, @Aleph , Author "The Tree of Life and Prosperity", Israel
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Chris Fralic
Chris Fralic@chrisfralic
Joined 16 years ago

Board Partner @FirstRound . Technology historian and futurist. Student of business. Teacher. Collector.

Dan Rua
Dan Rua@danrua
Joined 16 years ago

VC, Angel & CEO of @getadmiral Saving the free internet, one publisher at a time... getadmiral.com

Steve Brotman
Steve Brotman@stevebrotman
Joined 14 years ago

Dad of 3. Husband. Self actualized entrepreneur turned early stage VC turned meta VC, partnering with 100s of VCs to be involved with epic companies #blessed

Joined 15 years ago

3x founder. 3x dad/stepdad. Fmr CEO at graphic design app @over , sold to @godaddy . Now investing and loving web3 ✨

Rob Go
Rob Go@robgo
Joined 15 years ago

Lucky husband of @ntduke and father of two amazing girls. Cofounder of NextView. Seed investor. Formerly @ Spark Capital and @ Ebay.

David Dufresne
David Dufresne@DavidDufresne
Joined 14 years ago

VC investor and advisor at PREF Capital. Formerly @PanacheVC , @500Canada , @Bandcamp and @Bandzoogle - Dad, occasional DJ and soccer coach.

Todd Klein
Todd Klein@tdklein
Joined 14 years ago

#Media , Consumer, & #Tech investor at @Revolution Growth. Wrote Built for Change: Essential Traits of Transformative Companies. #dctech

Max Niederhofer
Max Niederhofer@maxniederhofer
Joined 15 years ago

Fashion blogger. Heartcore Capital ( @heartcorecap )

Joined 13 years ago

Investor, Entrepreneur, Academic ( @MassVentures ; @BUILDLab ; @VenCaf )

Ouriel @ZenGo
Ouriel @ZenGo@OurielOhayon
Joined 16 years ago

@ZenGo CEO. Need a (good and secure) wallet?

Larry Marcus
Larry Marcus@cyberlar
Joined 13 years ago

please follow me at @larrymarcus

Boring Howard Lindzon
Boring Howard Lindzon@howardlindzon
Joined 15 years ago

GP @socialleverage , CEO $SLAC the SPAC, co-founder @stocktwits founded Wallstrip (acquired by CBS), seed @robinhoodapp @onrallyrd @koyfincharts @etoro @alpacahq

Dave McClure
Dave McClure@davemcclure
Joined 16 years ago

🌱 founder: @PracticalVC , 500 Startups 👨🏽‍🎓 alum: Johns Hopkins, PayPal, Founders Fund 😻 fan4life: Dr. Seuss, Muppets, Sesame St

Ed Sim
Ed Sim@edsim
Joined 14 years ago

@boldstartvc day one partner + true believer for developer first, crypto infra & SaaS founders, weekly newsletter: What's 🔥 IT/VC whatshot.substack.com