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Paul Kedrosky
Paul Kedrosky@pkedrosky
9 minutes ago

The stubborn persistence of human suffering

- Sam Bain, on what theme his BBC series Peep Show exemplified

Rob Go
Rob Go@robgo
11 minutes ago

Any good book recommendations? Something that is a quick read with short chapters? Interesting non-fiction or sci-fi.

Stuff I’ve read recently:
- midnight Library (corny)
- How The World Really Works (boring)
- Power (good premise)
- Sea of Tranquility (meh)

Paul Kedrosky
Paul Kedrosky@pkedrosky
34 minutes ago

So many people trying to over optimize and complicate this. Stick with simplicity and consistency. Start optimizing after you qualify for the summer Olympics. twitter.com/altini_marco/s…

55 minutes ago

#1 JSerra 🤽‍♂️ takes down #9 @smchs_bwp 16-10 tonight to remain on top. 🦅 Spencer Averitt with 2 🥅 and 4 assists & Keegan McGann racking up 4 🥅 @ocvarsityguy

58 minutes ago

RT @USCMarshall : This Friday, join Dean @garrett_geoff for a a conversation on the most important geopolitical relationship of our time.…

Dave McClure
Dave McClure@davemcclure
1 hours ago

RT @AdamDraper : In #VentureCapital the opportunity is in your willingness to take a risk others are not.

Your fear is my opportunity.

Paul Kedrosky
Paul Kedrosky@pkedrosky
1 hours ago

I love these sort of stories, where we treat food systems as somehow Platonic, like they have an existence independent of larger or smaller human population numbers. twitter.com/CarbonBrief/st…

Paul Kedrosky
Paul Kedrosky@pkedrosky
2 hours ago

tl;dr: Saudi Arabia wins bid to host winter games on snow that it doesn't get, in city that doesn't yet exist.

Saudi Arabia win bid to host 2029 Asian Winter Games at desert megacity theguardian.com/sport/2022/oct…

  • Saudi Arabia to host 2029 Asian Winter Games at desert megacity
Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday it has won a bid to host the 2029 Asian Winter Games at a planned mountain resort in the Gulf Arab state’s $500 billion flagship Neom project
2 hours ago

RT @tim_cook : Steve showed us all, again and again, that a great idea really can change the world. Remembering him today and always. https:…